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Challenge Yourself with a Pre-Children Type of Outing

It sounds big bad and intimidating doesn’t it?! But sometimes the most challenging things were previously the most simple.

Becoming a new mother was a strange experience. I literally felt like a new human, and simple daily activities became something that was intimidating.

When my first born was a month old, I sat down and thought about all of the things I was a little intimidated to do. There was quite the list!   In fact, I am updating this post today (I originally wrote it 3 months ago) because just yesterday we added a new activity to the list that was hilariously challenging with a 2 year old and a baby.  Snowshoeing in the mountains. .  Totally different story when gloves and boots are being ripped off and thrown down the trail every 4 minutes 🙂

This is an interesting exercise because it forces you to acknowledge the things you fear & feel challenged by and stare them in the face.

Rather than trying to be a superhero and step straight into my previous life I slowly build up the courage to do simple things.

The first challenge as I mentioned I was going for a walk with my Winter born daughter. It was about -10 and snowy that day.

I hadn’t really figured out my stroller yet, so I had to sit down on YouTube and figure out that. That in itself was 30 minutes.

I did a bunch of googling to find out exactly how many layers I should put on my daughter, and then at least another 20 minutes trying to find clothes I could zip into. Then I had to pee.

I finally did it and the extra effort was rewarded with a spectacular sunset walk in the sparkling snow.

With so much talk around greatness in achieving huge goals, you may, like me, feel that this is an incredibly mundane activity.  Walking outside in the snow. not worth ranking in a journal entry or plotting into the iCal.  But that is precisely what is so rewarding.  The previously mundane is not mundane anymore.  Oh no, definitely not.

I want to reassure you that this accomplishment is huge. MOST people out there are uncomfortable with challenging themselves and learning new things. Most people want to stay in their comfort zones.  Every. Single. Day as a new mother you are pushing your comfort zone more than 80% of people out there.  Isn’t that crazy?

if you do this once a day – acknowledge that you have something intimidating you want to accomplish – and set a goal to do it, and DO IT – well, then you are facilitating growth, new neural connections and building an incredible base of confidence in your new life.

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