Grounding, Happiness

Essay: Choose The Positive.

I have two stories for you this morning.

Story 1
My 6 month old is teething and feverish and gassy. Right now I am cold and grumpy and outside with the stroller in a futile attempt to settle him. I can’t be at home because I don’t want to wake my two year old with his cries, who is also sleeping poorly.

Story 2
As I was trying to settle my teething 6 month old I worried about him waking my household. I decided that a stroller would settle him, and a bonus is that listening to a podcast with earphones would give my senses a break.

As I sipped my coffee and hit the cool fresh air, I got a boost of energy with it and broke into a run. Along with a workout, my baby finally slept and I was treated to a stunning sunrise.

Choose positive.




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