Personal Development

Define Yourself.

1934251_1540455992940277_8863382495860448908_nLife is just so incredibly complex. We are influenced, and in turn influence others.

There are billions of people on this earth and every individual is about something different.

There is tremendous pressure to be similar to others or fit into a group. Indeed, we want to belong to something.  There is no place we feel more pressure than among the new-mum set.

This fresh start in 2016 is an incredible opportunity to set your inner compass that will guide you through the complexity of daily life.

What are the three values that constantly guide you?

What comes up in every decision? What is most important for you to see in other people, or what have you been most disappointed by a lack of?   What are your “buts” when exploring options.  Those hint at your guiding values.

Rather than unconsciously (or coincidentally) living by these values most of the time, take a moment to clearly and explicitly think about them and write them down.

In your iphone notes, evernote, in a journal, whatever you prefer.

Start 2016 with intention, clarity and a solid personal strategy. This is one of the first steps.

What are mine?
-Leadership by example
-Always learning

These three things are so important to me & guide all of my decisions around personal and professional fulfillment.
Brian Tracy, a wonderful coach has a great blog post on clarifying your values.  It is oriented around the business / entrepreneur world but there is just so much to pull from this blog post by Brian in crafting what YOU are about.  Have a read and tell me…what are your three?



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