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Organize Life with Technology – Part 1


As much as I love books and journals, with the new baby I had to embrace using technology more. I started with using a Kindle to read at night as I rocked the baby to sleep.  I could read in the dark and tap with one finger.  The Kindle or Kobo are truly a woman’s best friend.

I also decided that I would have to use technology to become more organized. I did not have time (or the physical ability) to rifle through filing cabinets.  Most of the time one hand was carrying a 15lb baby.

One of the first things I did was begin to explore apps for my iPhone that would support me in my daily life. I’ll just share two important ones today. Many more to come.

I started Secure Safe to store all of my passwords, memberships and account numbers.  Secure Safe is an encrypted Swiss-based online “vault.”  It is great for important documents, too.  My husband has access to the vault and has used it to access copies of birth certificates, health insurance cards and health care cards.  You just never know with children when you will need something like that.

Travelling back from Europe once, I was questioned at customs about my British Passport (with my maiden name) and my baby’s last name (married name.)  I was able to pull up all of my baby’s documents.

*side note:  Make sure your last names match on passports or be ready to possibly present a birth certificate!

I also used TinyScan to upload all of my receipts and automatically save them into dropbox. It was difficult to make this a regular habit – I would always forget to scan them – so now I do it at the store before I leave.

This was a god send this past christmas – I have all gifts & receipts nicely organized in a dropbox file which I can access at the store, rather than rifle in my handbag for a crumpled up receipt.   Tiny Scan is an incredibly useful app beyond saving receipts – if you need to print and sign a document, you can pdf and email it back to the sender in the snap of a camera and snap of a text.
In a further post I’ll get into iCal strategies with children – this is another game-changer for productivity and organization.



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