Building a Business

Building a Business with the Conquer Kit – My First Post

Having worked as a professional advisor / coach / pep talker extraordinaire at the University level for a number of years, I decided to take things a step further and enrolled in professional coach training through an International Coach Federation-certified school, the Newfield Network.

2 years of immersive and intense coach training later, I am standing on the edge of a very, very exciting 2016 during which I will launch my coaching business.

I am a born entrepreneur (I only realized this in my 30s) and have successfully owned a “hobby that pays for itself” Etsy store for 7 years now.  That has taken on its own life and is mostly a creative pursuit for me to balance out all the thinking that this brain of mine does.

As an ENTP my mind is absolutely overflowing with great ideas.  If you were to watch a movie reel of my mind it would probably be fireworks exploding all over the place.  I know that I have to sit down, harness this creativity and brain power, and let it flow.  This is what I have to other and it would be  terrible waste to keep all of these ideas, insights and life experiences locked in.

But guess what my ENTP weaker spots are? I also have to take care of the details, and remain laser-focused.

Last year, I read Mark Divine’s The Way of the Seal: Think like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed. If interested, you may purchase it on Amazon. What stood out for me in that book was his discussion of PRECISION focus.  We’re talking laser focus. No distractions.

His techniques (including meditation to clear the mind clutter before sitting down to a project) really helped me focus on a major goal last year, running my first 21k trail run in the Canadian Rocky Mountain wilderness.  The training was tough, and long, and I’d never stuck out training like that before.  Using his principles, I happily completed the run with gas left in my tank.  And I actually ran 21 k before the race.  Usually, I’d just wing it, get somewhere near 21 and hope for the best!

I have decided to apply this same principle to my major goal this year, building the Great Maternity Leave Project and my boutique Coaching Business, Trajectory Coaching.  

It is very easy to get stuck in the overwhelm and take far too much information on board when preparing to launch a business.  So I’ve decided to cut through all the noise and have chosen Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Kit:  A Creative Business Planner for Women Entrepreneurs to work my way through this business launch.

I’m quite excited for this series of Blog Posts because in real time, live from the trenches, I am going to be able to take you through launching a business while on mat leave.  I’m quite excited. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, challenges and opportunities – and I am excited to share them all.

As I work through each section of the conquer kit I’m going to post about it.  It will be like peeking into an entrepreneur’s journal.  🙂  So get ready for the ride, 2016 will be exciting!


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