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How to Have a Great Maternity Leave:  Return to Simplicity (Over,and Over…)

There are 7.1 BILLION people on this planet we call earth.That’s 7.1 billion people who have been either someone’s child, a parent, or both.

That is 7.1 billion ways of seeing the world, life experiences, mindsets, cultures, psychologies, engagements, beliefs, values.  There is an infinite number of permutations  & combinations.  

We live in the information age & we, the average person, contribute the most content to the web.  Not web professionals.  Did you know that?

It may be unsurprising, but there are vast and I mean vast amounts of information out there on being a new parent.  I’m not even talking about the parenting part.  You know that’s not my focus at the GML. My focus is on you, but you do happen to be a new parent.

The interesting thing is that parenting is presented as a system, an external model we take up and apply to these strange mini humans we call children.  And there are gazillions of models.

At the GML I always encirage you to take care of you.  My project is about you having the most fulfilling year of your life.

The cacophony of noise and voices of parenting tips and chatter and infomation and techniques and stages and shoulds and coulds and ahhh!  

It’s overwhelming.  I felt my pulse go up weiting that.

To have a Great Maternity Leave, return to simplicity, over and over and over.  Throw out the manual.  

We constantly shape our dynamic, responsive brains.  Here’s your chance to re-ground it and build your confidence.

Remember this, if this is all you read today, or one of a hundred things.

Return to love.  Return to being oresent.  Return to common sense.  Return to intuition.
That is it.  That is all you need to do on this leave.
Now take a deep breath.


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