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Building a Business: Embrace the Learning Curve

Why read this article?  I teach you how to become super productive + embrace the steep learning curve by sharing a technique that I use.  It’s all about embracing microtasks. I show you how much you can actually get done in 60 minutes of work, and why you should acknowledge each task.

Reading time:  5 minutes

Today I’m writing about the rich, steep learning curve that occurs in the process of building a business.  I don’t know about you, but even though I grew up with tech entrepreneurs for parents, I was not educated in technology at school.  I FAILED typing in Grade 7.  Which is funny, because now I go at 150 wpm without looking at a keyboard.

This is hilarious to admit, but I learnt HTML basics at the age of 15 – self taught.  I was a Backstreet Boys SUPER FAN, and built a fan website “Carinas BSB” with a chat room.  It wound up being one of the biggest early chat rooms & websites for BSB fans, and had over 150,000 visitors in its first year. Not bad for the mid 90s.  I wish I had monetized it!

It was a short lived hobby – about 3 years, but each day was a new learning curve.  Understanding how to embed a picture on the page.  Understanding how to use Angelfire webpage templates, how to get the coding for that perfect shade of lavender in my fonts.  How to crop Howie D out of photos.  Bahaha. Sorry, Howie fans 😉

Here I am building a business in 2016 and I feel like that Backstreet Boys Webmaster all over again!  Except this time I have Google, and support groups and forums and podcasts.

One of the components of building a business that I don’t often read about in the books, is the microtasks and the intensive learning that happens inside of those tasks.  It’s all about embracing those little pieces one day at a time and giving yourself some cred for them.

Today, I worked on the GML website and social media for about an hour – before my babykins woke up.  In that hour I have googled, and learnt, and consulted, and tested things out.  I normally don’t look back on what I have done in each hour, but today I actually wrote down each thing I did in 10 minute increments.

I’ve never done this before.

 Here is what I accomplished in 60 minutes

-Creation of an Instagram Account, “The Great Maternity Leave” & posted about 10 images with text.  Linked it up with twitter, website, fb. Got followers, followed great accounts, became inspired.

-Downloaded the FB pages manager & ad campaign app and tried out running one of the boost your post functions.

-Listened to a Smart Passive Income podcast in the shower on being true to yourself and unafraid to have an authentic voice.  Included in that podcast was advice on how to get past the fear of being judged (one of the dragons I have to slay, stepping into the “mom world” online.)

-Learnt the coding to put a pinterest like button on my webpage.  Haven’t actually done it yet but I have the coding now!  I think….

-Tried to learn about plugins but failed after struggling to find a link on wordpress (Failures are okay!)  This was a little frustrating.  The language is way beyond me on the advice forums.  But that will be for another day.

-Read an article about SEO and tagging / key words.  Improved my tags on a few of my recent blog posts.  Made a note to go back to older ones and revise them all.

-Double checked that each blog post is linked to its correct category on the main page.

-Created a new document in notes with frequent hashtags, so I can just copy and paste hashtags into my instagram.

-Responded to a coaching inquiry on my Etsy account and took the opportunity to renew some expired items.

-Tested out a new app to create infographics and typography.

-Figured out how to embed an image and set up a featured image in wordpress with some googling and reading of help forums.

Wow.  That’s in 60 minutes. None of these are huge tasks. They are all micro tasks.

I find that it is a productivity boost to focus on thing sthat will get you closer to your goal, but aren’t necessarily huge tasks.  Sometimes I go in with an idea of a few tasks, but more often I just get started with a few things I know I wanted to get done, and once we are rolling, more ideas come.

Remember when I talked about concentration and the state of flow?  Ideas start flowing once you are in that concentration stage.

I’ll either tackle them one at a time, or throw them into my Notes app on my iphone, which sits beside the laptop.  More often I have my trusty journal.

Sometimes it feels like you are just learning, and googling a ton.  Sometimes it feels like you have a million little tasks to do, but that is the fun of it.

Instead of getting wrapped up in all of the stuff there is to do, embrace it and look at how much can happen in only 60 minutes of concentration!  It’s quite satisfying if you sit and take stock of all of the stuff you got done.

If you are building a business, think about all the new things you learnt today in working on it.

And give yourself some credit, look at the learning you are doing and the steps you are making to get closer to your dream.  Things are happening.





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