Why watch this video:  Because you are not alone in struggling with strollers.  Or hating unloading and reloading them.  But this will change your mindset and make it easier.

Viewing + Reading time:  1.5 minutes


I’m quite excited and slightly terrified to share this post with you today, because I recorded a video.  In all my out of breath, popcorn-on-my-face glory. Eh, that’s real life.

BUT I wanted to do it so I can show you how profoundly simple this technique is.

I also want you to know that I dropped the stroller and TOTALLY struggled to fold it up for a good 15 seconds,  haha.  I’m glad I was alone and couldn’t record that part.

In this video I am going to ask you to make a guess – I truly think you will be shocked when you compare the time you guess and the time I give you in this video.

Watch the video and let me know in the comments, were you close? or far off.

How do you feel about the “chore” of loading and unloading babies + strollers now?