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The Great Maternity Leave Projects: Workout in a Playground

Why you Should Read This:  Because if you did TEN standing pushups  on a piece of playground equipment or bench, each time you went out with your little one, at the end of the year you will have done ONE THOUSAND PUSHUPS in a year.

Reading time:  Less than 2 minutes


Seriously.  The little pieces add up.

Assuming you go out twice a week for a walk with your stroller, or take your older child to a park:  If you did TEN movements in the playground or on a park bench by the end of the year you would have completed approx. 1000 reps of that movement.  Isn’t that bonkers?

And TEN squats takes less than 10 seconds (!)  You can do it in any clothes, anywhere.


There is SO MUCH Strength and Motivation that Comes from Such a Small Action.

On the Great Maternity Leave I am constantly preaching the SMALL actions that add up over time.  Not only for their cumulative effect, but also because they get you into a success mindset.  The GML is also about breaking out of routine with little, do-able actions that are easy to remember.   Lululemon preaches “going from mediocrity to greatness” – this small, easy add-on to your day falls in line with that mindset.

If you do something like this at a park, what spillover effects may it have in your life ? What extra boosts might you add to your day?

Most parents I see at the playground are one of two kinds:  Playing with their kid on the equipment, or sitting on the bench checking their iPhone.   Let’s add a 3rd category.  

What if we put a dumbell into the base of our stroller even just once.

We’ll always remember that walk, the one where we broke away from an average day – the one where we put in a few shoulder presses at the halfway point.  Those days burn into your memory and boost up your motivation bank.

Did you know there’s an entire range of quick, easy exercises out there you can do?
I like the Nerd Fitness Playground Workout (link posted below) but really, you can do any bodyweight exercise in the playground.  Start with a few squats and standing pushups off of the equipment.  Take a dumbell or resistance band in your stroller.  And share with me when you broke out of your daily routine.  Seriously.  I’d love to hear.


Coming soon, I will post an FB video showing you some movements you can do.


It might seem a bit embarrassing at first, but what is the worst that could happen?  Another mum will come up to you and tell you you are amazing or inspiring.  Try it sometime, I bet someone will come up to you and say that.


The Nerd Fitness Playground Workout




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