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The Great Maternity Leave Book Club: Wayne Dyer’s Being in Balance

Why Read This?  Because starting everyday with beautiful lessons from the greats will set you up for a shift in your perspective.  This is what we need to achieve lasting success.

Reading time:  2 minutes

Think of a balance scale with one side weighted down and the other side up, like a teeter-totter with an obese child on one end and a healthy child on the other. In this case, the heavy end that tips the scale out of balance is the overweight child representing your everyday behaviors: the work you do, the place where you reside, the people with whom you interact, your geographic location, the books you read, the movies you see, and the conversations that fill up your life. It’s not that any of these things are bad in and of themselves. The imbalance exists because they’re unhealthy for your particular life—they simply don’t mesh with what you’ve imagined yourself to be.

This excerpt is from Wayne Dyer’s being in balance and is one of the first things I work on with coaching clients.  You must understand what their story is, where they are coming from, what their perspective is, and what they are surrounded by in their everyday life that has caused them to gain emotional, mental or physical weight, that has put the teeter-totter out of balance.

To begin working toward a better, more fruitful life, you must have a clear image of the child up on the other side.  This is obviously best case scenario and life is never going to be perfect.  To balance out the teeter totter you can work towards the lighter child – and also lose some of the weight from your heavy child.


I liked this analogy; it was simple to understand and apply to my life, and is one of the highlighted sections of this book.

I sat down and had a good hard think about what creates my “heavy child” and who my “light child” is.

Things that create my “heavy child”

-Project / admin oriented duties at my ft job

-Staying up late to get alone time then feeling fatigued the next day

-Overconsumption of coffee

-Overconsumption of “treats”

-Not getting outside enough / lack of exercise

-Social media feeds that have no relevance or benefit to me

-Surface level conversations

-Reading articles about parenting that cause fear, caution or cause me to question my techniques



Things that create my “light child”

-Coaching oriented duties at my ft job

-Early nights and early mornings

-Moderation of coffee & lots of water

-Gluten free eating

-Outdoors trail running and strength work

-Reading books

-Being inspired by bloggers with great outdoor family life activities

-Deeper, interesting and inspiring conversations



Think about your own maternity leave.  What is your heavy child? What is your light child?  Have you read any Wayne Dyer and what, in his works, has stood out to you and impacted your own life?  I’d love to hear in the comments.


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