How to Workout at a Playground – Workouts for New Moms on Maternity Leave


As you may recall, I wrote about how I had an epiphany regarding the playground and getting more exercise into my life that costs a bit less than a CrossFit Membership (which I’ve had for FIVE years!)  I have recently temporarily given that membership up – I simply can’t afford it right now on maternity leave – so I’ve been forced to become creative.

I’m really excited to finally bring you a rundown of some of the things I do while my toddler plays at our local playground and my baby is hanging out in his stroller.

This workout took about 30 minutes – NOTHING needed –  and the beauty is, you can adjust the pace, level of intensity and reps to your own energy levels.  Some days I sit at the park on the bench and do not want to do anything – and some days I want to crush a workout.  Every day is different on maternity leave with a baby who may – or may not – sleep through the night.

So enjoy!

Author: Carina Huggins

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