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My Favourite Kindle Books for New Moms

In 2013 I received a Kindle for my birthday – it was my Mum’s last gift to me before she passed away a month later.  At first, I was not sure if I would use a Kindle, but I get it, I totally get it. She wanted me to have it to access knowledge and answers to all of the questions I’d surely have in early motherhood!

But please note, I am still the girl whose ultimate dream is to have a wonderful office / study / library filled to the wall with books!

In 2017, after having three babies, I’ve come to sing the praises of an E-Reader.  The Kindle has been absolutely excellent and the only way I’ve been able to get some reading in, while in the very hands-on days of early motherhood. It has been good for my brain, good for my soul and such an enjoyable ritual.

With each baby, I’ve had a bedtime routine of rocking them, feeding them, gazing into their eyes, etc. and then as their eyes close, excitedly getting my reading fix with them snuggled in my arms. I know you’re supposed to put them to bed still awake, blah blah blah, but meh, I’ll always remember this as a lovely part of my life. After all, the memory blocks out the sleepless nights and keeps all those lovely snuggly moments at 3am.

The beauty of the kindle is the fact that you can do reading in low light and turn pages with one hand (not possible with a paperback and a baby! I tried!)

It is also so, so brilliant being able to highlight passages, which you can then go back and view at a later point – once the baby fog has dissipated and you can remember what you read.

As we approach the close of 2017, I thought I would list some of my absolute favourite reads on my Kindle in the early days of each baby.  I’ve revisited each of these books several times, and really enjoy going back and reading the highlights.

It might be best to start off with books that are helpful in the WTF am I doing / googling days. I decided to stick to only two books, both of which were wonderful and deeply settling / soothing reads. Reading The Baby Whisperer / The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems by Tracy Hogg is like getting a warm, comforting hug from her.

Next up is the Baby Owner’s Manual which is brilliant, straight-forward, and written by a doctor. It has a really nice modern feel to it and makes an excellent baby shower gift!

In the anxiety-riddled days of “am I doing this right?!” and excessive googling, it is deeply reassuring (and fascinating) to immerse oneself in tales of motherhood in different cultures.

There are two books I’d recommend to any mama. First, Bringing up Bebe is an American mothers’ tale of raising her baby in France and it is a really interesting compare/contrast, and sociological account of early motherhood.

An easy, enjoyable read perfect for the late nights in the rocking chair.

Next, There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, which is a play on the Danish quote “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” – This quote so perfectly reflects this culture’s approach to having children play outside in all seasons and cultivating a deep love of the outdoors. This lovely, warm book is like a big dose of Hygge in motherhood and a lovely reminder (as is Bringing up Bebe) that the diversity in parenting all leads to the same place: Loved, happy, healthy kids.

That’s what it all comes down to at the end.


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