The Weight Watchers 3 Point Bagel Recipe (My Gluten Free & Lactose Free Version)

At my Weight Watchers meeting this week, everybody was raving about the 3 point bagels that have been going around Connect (this is the Weight Watchers’ internal instagram that you have access to through the app.)

I try to follow a gluten and dairy-free diet, so tonight I tried out the recipe with these modifications. I also like making baked things smaller (for less points) because I know I am not going to eat just one!

Anyone who knows me, knows that my baking is complete shit… so imagine my surprise when these turned out AWESOME.  As of right now I’ve polished off half of the pan…so I am going to just be honest and say right now, yes they are only 2 or 3 points, but you wind up definitely eating more than one, so maybe save those weeklies for when you enjoy those crush those bagels.

Here is a gluten free and dairy free version that *does not* use coconut flour. 

As much as I love coconuts I hate the weird caky texture of coconut flour and most gluten free baking.  I’ve found almond flour or oat flour to be the best substitute in my baking.


To 350 Degrees



1.) The Bagel:

1 Cup of Low Fat Greek Yogurt

(you can customize here:  you can go full fat *or* dairy-free greek yogurt) 

1.5 Tsp Baking Powder

0.5 Tsp Salt

1 Cup oat flour or Almond Flour (I grind flour in my vitamix, or you can buy it bagged.)

2.) The Egg Wash

1 Egg

3.) The seasoning on top:

Everyone recommends Trader Joe’s “Everything but the bagel” seasoning.

Personally, I used equal parts (0.5 Tsp each) sea salt, onion powder, pepper, poppy seeds, and garlic powder in a bowl.



Mix 1 cup flour (oat or almond work great) in a bowl with 1 cup greek yogurt and 1.5 tsp baking powder.

This will form a dough.

On a surface lightly dusted with your flour, form the dough into balls.

Roll the balls out into “snakes” (can you tell I have toddlers?) and pinch the ends together to form a round bagel.

Important:  The entire recipe is 14 points. 

You can make your bagels as big or as small as you like. 

7 bagels (what I did) will be 2 points each. 

Place on non-stick foil on a baking sheet

Coat the bagels with an egg wash

Sprinkle your seasonings on top of the bagel (my toddlers loved doing this)



350 degrees for 23 minutes

500 degrees for 2 minutes for extra browning (in my case, extra burning so I skip this)




Try using these as breakfast bagels, as your base for Avocado Toast, or slathered with ghee (lactose free.)  or if you’re into dairy, butter or cream cheese are delicious on these.



When I tried this recipe the first time, I squished the bagels down a bit too much putting them onto the baking sheet.  You want to keep them as round as possible, as oat and almond flour don’t have the same self-rising effect that mainstream flour does.

Most of the pinterest pictures look *too* pretty.  Mine weren’t particularly glamorous. The taste is what matters 🙂

A powerful blender is one of the best things you can invest in if you are going gluten-free.  For all baking recipes, I simply use almonds or oats and grind them in the vitamix on the highest setting, and substitute that for flour 1:1.

Toddlers *love* the egg wash and seasoning part!  Great kid-friendly recipe!




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