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Post-Partum Spiritual Development (in Your 30s) – What is Synchronicity and What to do When it Happens To You.

I have decided, in 2018, to dip my toes into the waters of writing about spiritual / psychic development.  It feels slightly risky. It is done with more than a little bit of trepidation, as in many ways, this has been a private topic for me as it was every female in my family before me.

In the last few years, (since I became pregnant with my first-born) the whisper of spiritual development has become more like a loud conversation.  I am feeling like it is the right time and place to share some of the things that have helped me develop and have gotten me to a place where I am able to read tarot, lucid dream, receive messages, read energy, see auras, feel energy and all sorts of other strange things that would probably freak people out if I told them (so I don’t… except on my blog!  hah!)

I am writing these articles for those of you, who like me, are starting to notice their intuition, spidey sense, universal mind, that things have energy, etc. and are curious. Curious enough to google, and find yourself here.  Or, curious enough to keep reading.

Curiosity and late-night googlings with a glass of wine in hand,

This is unofficially the best way to develop psychically and spiritually, lol.  Trust me, this can embark you on a weird and wonderful path of spiritual development.  Reading really is the way to go in the early stages.

There are definitely lots of different spiritual communities or approaches to spirituality out there. There’s the crystal peeps, the wicca / witches, the psychic mediums, the practicing religious, even angel peeps – that’s a really big thing.  Archangel stuff is wild.  I remember early in my spiritual googling I somehow found myself reading about archangel metatron and actually feeling freaked out, and realized it was like, 2 in the morning.  Cue better bedtime screen time discipline and less hyperactive imagination.

Once you get into all of the metaphysical or spiritual philosophies though, they are all the same beliefs and lessons, over and over again.   You begin noticing this with religions, too. The same basic core beliefs and lessons over and over again, just in different ‘packages’ or spiritual languages / interests.

Don’t worry, this not the part where I go into Archangel Gabriel and how he’s going to help you.

I’m not particularly religious, and I don’t subscribe to any particular spiritual practice or beliefs.  I definitely don’t like it when people become fundamentalists about things.  Any closure of the mind to me, is not being spiritual. Being open minded and non judgemental but just “getting” energy and universal lessons is spirituality to me.

My spirituality is smatterings of things here and there that my soul knows, and has seemed to know for a long time, and is being reinforced by books, people, things, experiences and places.  These are the things I’ll be writing about.

So let’s get to it.  This synchronicity business.  What does that mean? 

In short, coincedences are most certainly not coincedences.  Things are happening to you that were 100% meant to happen to you.  And if you are open to it, there are definitely more things coming down the pipeline to you, that if you realize it in the moment (after laughing at how uncanny it is) and jump on it / take the hint, you will be accelerated toward your purpose + fulfillment in this lifetime.

To get synchronicity going, you have to be on the lookout for it, but you have to also kind of “set the intention” for it.  Yes, you sort of have to go ahead and ask.    It has always been there but you haven’t always been aware enough to notice all of these funny coincedences in your life, and you haven’t always been able to connect the dots.

I promise you that this will begin to change.

Once you kind of set the intention inside of yourself to spiritually develop, the universe (or whatever you want to call it!) responds with synchronicity.



Synchronicity happens most often in the forms of books and people.

Want an example?

Example # 1: People coming into your life

Two years ago, I met lovely fellow mama at a forest school group who was always just so happy, she was magnetic and had such good energy about her (yes I saw her aura and yes it was beautiful but I won’t get into that)  and our families (including kids) immediately hit it off. After the school ended, we lost contact.

Lately I’ve been thinking more than usual, about how some people have ridiculously good energy and how as we  (as a family) are becoming more conscious of the precious time we have to spend with friends, and how those are the types of people we want in our (and our kids’) lives.

So… this last Thursday.

I’m leaving with my daughter from her morning preschool when who walks in?  This lovely woman from forest school!  Of all the preschools in the area she has her son in this one, and by coincidence, that one day I had been at the school instead of my husband to do pickup, and stuck around for an entire hour talking to the teacher, and she had arrived with her son for the afternoon class.   We hug, excitedly exchange contact information and facebook connect (and of course realize how similar our lives are shortly thereafter.)

Stranger things still, I get home, eat lunch and hop onto instagram. I look at the notifications for my early morning instagram post  and almost immediately after that post, a lady had commented on it (she wasn’t a follower but had randomly come across the post and it had touched her enough to comment, with no knowledge of who I was) – guess who it was.  Yes.  You’ve got it.  Three hours before we even had any idea we’d literally run into each other at our kids’ preschool.

Example #2:  Books

All of a sudden, you’ll find some books to read…

Or even better, they begin to find you. You notice a book on sale at chapters or you are strangely drawn to a random one on a shelf.

All of a sudden, someone recommends a book to you.

Or perhaps you make a random selection on Kindle on your late night googling with wine (see above) and it winds up deeply impacting your internal universe.

And then, this is when shit gets trippy,

You casually mention reading said book and your closest friend looks at you funny, and lets you in on the fact that the practice in this book is the spiritual discipline in which they’ve been raised, and all of a sudden your understanding of them just goes to another level.


In spiritual-speak, all of the above events are called synchronicity.

Honestly, do you know what I call this, as kind of your average woman / spiritual new comer ?

It is called “what the fuuuuuck.”

Quickly followed by

**goosebumps on the arm**  Super eloquent, right?

But also, super accessible, because when you start trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and why all these weird coincedences are happening, you go down the rabbit hole of reading about law of attraction and manifestation and you kind of get overwhelmed at the super spiritual terminology and language and communities.

I know what you’re doing right now, you are hitting ctrl + t to open new tabs up to google all of this.  See?  This is exactly what happens, you are led down a path of discovery, and then, realize there’s words and terms to describe exactly what is happening to you, and then you realize all these funny words like manifestation or synchronicity are part of this funny little world called spiritual development.

Then, as you put on these new little spiritually aware glasses, more weird things begin happening.  That friends, is spiritual development! 🙂

I’ll tell you another little story about synchronicity because this is 100% true and recent.

I’ve been thinking about making jewellery more and more. I can’t stop thinking about it, tbh, and so many ideas keep popping up in my mind, it’s like a constant background thrumming in my brain that I can’t switch off.  I’ll look at a twig on the ground and I’ve already designed something in my mind without even actively thinking about it.

It has always been a creative hobby but as I think more about work-life balance and life as a mum of three, as well as trying to figure out my own truth (who I am at my core) I seem to spend a lot more time thinking maybe, just maaaaybe I should expand this side of my life, that the creativity is really intense right now with ideas, and the time feels right (for those of you spiritual gurus reading this, I know you are thinking, this is intuition!  Intuition is this funny little background whisper that says helloooo! I am here! sending you hints! Listen to meee!)

So anyways, I put it out there in late December (by putting it out there, I mean just thinking inside my head.)  I said to the sky (in my head of course)  “I‘m not entirely closed off to the idea of working a bit more on the jewellery after maternity leave, I’ll stay open to the idea.”  That’s it. That’s all. I didn’t even journal* it.

*Journalling takes invisible thoughts and makes them real – in ink – on paper.  Take note of that. Invisible thought in your mind –> physical object in front of you.  You literally just bought a thought into the world and gave it a physical presence.  It is powerful. When you write things down, the wheel really starts rolling and the universe starts working in its funny ways with people, places, things and messages coming down the pipeline to you.  It’s powerful shit. 

So while I was in Kau’ai at christmas time, I decided to do a trail run one day in one of my most favourite spots on the planet, the Wai Koa Stone Dam.  I am not joking when I say the place feels magical.  This is Wai Koa Stone Dam:

Wai Koa Stone Dam, Kau'ai

After returning to my car after a beautiful run, I was feeling a little adventuresome and curious about the Common Ground Buildings that are at the start of the trailhead.  As you do as a post partum lady, I also needed to find a bathroom.  So, I began to explore the buildings which were eerily quiet, almost abandoned.  Definitely no sign of life, commerce or inhabitation.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.51.58 PM.pngAs I walked around the buildings, the clouds opened and a huge rainstorm came thundering down.  In this lovely moment of solitude, I decided to sit under an awning and watch the rain come down. I was relaxed after a lovely run and in no particular rush to return home to mommyhood at the rental house.  I wanted to extend this lovely morning of solitude.

I approached a bench and something caught my eye.  As I approached, I realized that there was some kind of a catalogue sitting there, blowing about in the wind.  Curious as always and emboldened by the completely abandoned buildings, I walked over and picked it up.

Lo and behold, it was a jewellery supplies catalogue filled with the most beautiful supplies and funnily enough, the wind had blown it open exactly the kind of jewelry packaging I’d been in search of.  Only a few weeks before, I was thinking that a key thing I’d need to do to go from hobby status to professional jewelry selling was coming up with some decent packaging.

Chills.  Instant chills.

Let’s put this together.

Random Wednesday morning trail run in a favourite spot that has a nice energy to it.

Unexpected rainstorm and forced to take cover.

Abandoned buildings / no signs of life, in an area that used to be a community events space.

Only one object out of place in this entire complex, a jewellery supplies catalogue blown open in the wind, to a page with the exact supplies I need if I want to take the jewellery thing up a level.

Remember that word I used up above?  Synchronicity?  Remember what I called it before that? “What the fuuuuck.”


That, ladies and gentlemen is synchronicity.

I’m excited for you.  Just reading this, thinking about it, and thinking about where your life is going in 2018, you’ve already opened the pipeline.  If you stay open, stay curious and sort of good humoured / light hearted about it all, you’ll notice some pretty wild coincedences, messages, books and people coming up from the strangest of places at the most helpful of times. Trust in the process.







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