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Post-Partum Spiritual Development: Our External Versus Internal Worlds

You know what? I love the internet.

As we go about our lives, one facet is the external world that we live in.

This is like a silent movie reel playing. As we watch, we are walking about our kitchen, doing the dishes, or maybe driving down the highway, commuting into work or maybe (like me last night) standing in a dark room, swaying back and forth to settle a teething baby.

As we go about our days and write about the life we experience, it is usually the external life.  Think of this as the “doing” life.  Where we are “doing” stuff. The external world is observable with our senses.  We witness our own lives, and we even watch other people’s external worlds.  The mom dropping her kids at school.  The man having a conversation on his cell phone.

But there’s more to life than just that, isn’t there?   It’s like when you look at someone,  they may look  a certain way (external world) but then when you get to know them as a person (their internal world) they are a completely different person.

There is this insanely rich inner world that we live in, that is happening at the same time as we go about our lives.

I found my world shifted a bit with the distinction of these two in coaching school.  It’s almost like two separate dimensions happening at the same time.  At this very moment:

[External world] I am sitting in bed at my laptop right now, drinking tea.

[Internal world] Well, shit, I’m about to write a confession that I see auras and read energy and am sharing my deepest secrets with the hope that others are too and that we can all feel a bit less alone and share experiences and things that helped us!

That’s a pretty rich world that is happening at the same time as a person who in the external world, is just lying on a bed typing on a keyboard, no?

Another example of the external versus internal world in any given moment:

The mother swaying in a dark room with a fussy baby.

[External world] Mom.  Rocking baby in the dark.  Baby fussing.

[Internal world] there is so much more happening.

She may be thinking about what she can do to relieve her little one’s pain, she may be thinking about the challenges of that day, she may be planning how to get some rest the next day, she may be enjoying the sweet little head nestled into her shoulder, thinking about this new journey called motherhood.

The inner world is where we truly live, and spend most of our time.

So, you ask, why did I start with this sentence “I love the internet” ?

Because on the internet, we deal with the written word and deeper sharing.

The written world is one of the few ways we can share and let people into our vast inner world.

It’s tough to do through other communication methods such as conversation.  Alll of us new mums know this –  conversation as a mother is snatching fragments of time in which to speak between toddlers and babies and keeping said toddlers and babies alive.  So often (and it is noone’s fault) conversation stays on the surface, circling around the “doing” of motherhood, or the external life of motherhood.  It’s easy, it’s accesible in quick snippets of conversation.

The written word, whether book, or a blog post is a great way in which we can share all the stuff that is going on in our internal world.     What is really going on below the surface.

It is where ultimately, we all reside and also spend more time, especially in our 30s and beyond, and especially after having babies when our inner world has shifted, big time.

That, friends, is why I ventured into writing about spiritual development.

As I walk around doing my thing each day, people see a busy mama of three (external world) but they don’t see my internal world.   That I can see people’s auras and read their energies.

Here I am doing laundry, but I am simultaneously wondering, are others on the same path? noticing the same things after having babies? how did they develop? what do they see / experience?   How do I develop this talent? how do I connect with others? 

Ok, it is also a lot of: How the fuck are there two loads of laundry already, I just did five loads yesterday, what’s the point of doing this if it’s just going to happen all over again in a few days, why don’t a single one of these socks match. lol.

Honestly, to feed the internal world, it has been googling and reading up to this point, and now, a bit of blogging.

I hope you’ll engage too in the comments with your own sharing of your inner world as we go along this series of blog posts.   I most certainly know I’m not the only one here 😉

It’s interesting, isn’t it? That we have so many well-established institutions to help us develop in different areas of our external life.  Health, knowledge, nutrition, parenting even.  Yet, there is no socially acceptable institution (outside of religion) that is set up to help us develop spiritually when we’re just getting interested in this topic.

It’s still this thing where we all hop on our laptops or mobile phones and secretly google and then occasionally meet someone who is awake or enlightened to this kind of stuff, who has the hushed conversation over wine or coffee with us or even emails us some links and resources.  It makes me giggle, but it also makes me feel that we have lots of progress to make!


So stay tuned, coming up next is energy fields, auras, vibrations, whatever you want to call it, it is about people who you totally vibe on and how you can become one of those, and how to manage energy, or what level you are vibrating on, or how not to be an energy vampire, lol.  There are so many words that refer to the same thing and no one single language, so I’m just throwing these all out there in the hopes one of them makes sense to your experience!



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