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36 Pieces of Knowledge I’ve Collected Over 36 Years.

1.) Treat all people as kindly as you’d treat a young child.

2.) Quick short blasts of cold air (or water) will bring vitality back to the body.

3.) Sunshine and fresh air is the most important vitamin to take.

4.) Let them eat dirt.

5.) Always make eye contact and say hello as you pass people. Who knows, maybe they will open a door for you, maybe they will decide not to rob you that day and choose the grumpy old man instead.

6.) Everything in life oscillates and moves in waves.  Up and down, back and forth.  Feelings, emotions, moods, fitness, body fat, you name it.  Everything in nature is seasonal.

7.) Consult the bristol stool chart.  You should have a healthy poop every day.  If you don’t, you’re not eating right for your body.

8.) If you would like to change your situation, decide to do the opposite of what you usually do in every decision that comes your way over the next 24 hours.

9.) Ask before assuming.  If it would be rude to ask, you shouldn’t be assuming in the first place.

10.) Judging is a spectator sport that won’t affect the outcome of the game.  You’ll just piss people off.

11.) Having children is the most advanced degree you’ll ever take.

12.) Keep dating your spouse.

13.)  Intentionally make time to laugh every day.

14.) Find 3 songs that can instantly change your mood and energy.

15.) If you use it everyday, spend the money and get a good quality version.

16.) Interrupt the patterns of negative people by asking them what they enjoyed or appreciated about today.  You have the power to engage in conversation, shift conversation or walk away from it.

17.)  Learn about the ego, its need for control and how it wants to separate you.  Learn how it shows up in you, what that is like, and how you can let it go.

18.)  Stress is the difference between expectations and reality. Adjust one or both.

19.) Every time you cross the threshold of a door into a new space or environment, ask yourself what energy you are responsible for bringing into the room.

20.) You’re only supposed to climb mountains, not carry them around on your back.

21.) People pick up more from our body language and energy than from our words.  Don’t just develop your vocabulary.  Seek to develop your body language and your energy.

22.) If it creates fear, it’s a sure sign you should do it because you’re touching the edges of invisible fence you’ve built for yourself over the years.  Hop over it.

23.) Never allow yourself to become stagnant.  Keep growing, expanding and experiencing.

24.) All cells in your body turn over and grow anew.  It’s never too late to heal your body.

25.) Feed the bacteria in your body.  They eat green stuff and vegetables.

26.) Walking is singly most underrated activity.  It is a gift.

27.) Never buy the nicest sports gear.  Start with the crappy stuff and learn with it.  When you get good, you have earned the right to good quality gear that you will appreciate 1000x more.

28.) Spend less time researching and buying gear, and more time just going out and doing it.

29.) There is a low, medium and high price point for any material object you could ever need.  Only choose medium or high price points for things that align with your desired life and values.

30.)  Everything in our exterior world will change.  It will all come and go.  Learn to love and take care of yourself, to find peace within you.  Ensure that you are never dependent on love or happiness acquired outside of yourself from others.

31.) It is only when your own cup is full that you can pour from it for others.

32.) Write out your absolute perfect day or future lifestyle.  Great!  Do those exact things today.  A daily practice will soon become a habit.

33.) Take a chance on your intuition a few times.  The more it proves right, the more you can trust it and hear it. When an opportunity presents itself and it seems uncanny, it’s a sure sign you should jump on it.

34.) Always maintain the curiosity and playfulness of a kitten with a ladybug.

35.) Learn how to put yourself in a disposition of lightness and laugh at yourself, so that you’ll never go down the road of taking yourself too seriously.

36.) The way you interpret life has been formed through a variety of people, places and events.  Though you cannot change your past, you can choose which interpretations are getting you where you want to go, and which are holding you back.  Only keep the ones that will write a beautiful future.  You are the author of your own life. Are the chapters going somewhere or the same over, and over again?



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