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Kicking the iPhone Addiction

Kicking the iPhone addiction is about cultivating a greater awareness and also greater intentionality with phone usage.  I run several businesses on my iPhone alone, and I love social media, so I am as guilty as anyone else for spending too much time on this little box of fun.  Honest to goodness, I started getting numbness in my little fingers from holding the phone with them.  That’s always a pretty good sign, isn’t it?

One of the foundations of my work as a coach, is helping people change their actions.  I don’t tell people to do something differently, I simply help them shift their perspective.  When you see something differently, you find it easier to take different actions.

It is fun seeking out and trying on different mindsets and perspectives, and in the hunt for new ways to see things, we find ones that stick, and DO permanently shift our view.  Today I wanted to offer what helped shift my view on my iPhone. Though I still have to use it alot, I am more intentional with it, and am very guilty of “forgetting it” or “not having it on me” which is code for I happily left it at home to hang with my family.

So here’s a picture I wanted to share with you today.  Feel free to pin it, share it if you feel it may help someone else regain control over the phone.  The difference between iPhone as a useful tool and iPhone as a harmful tool is whether we are an active, strategic and intentional user (and aware of such use) – or – a passive user and unaware of the extent of our use.


Each time you put down your cellphone


The iPhone can be an amazing tool for inspiration, motivation, connection and enhancing the lifestyle you have.  Or it can go the opposite way and cause you to miss out on the life in front of you, because your face is in your phone.

It can also be like any other addictive tool.  A short, quick hit of pleasurable dopamine (a like or a comment) or an escapist moment, to depart from the pain of reality in the present.

Remember, it’s always your choice.

YOU use the iPhone, it does not use you.

Ask yourself why you use it.  Are you using IT to augment and design your own reality?  Or is IT using you as you try to escape your own reality?

Powerful questions.  I think we all catch ourselves in different places along this spectrum.  The key is to be aware of WHEN our iPhone usage escalates and WHY it does.   Always remember to use it for the right reasons, as I speak to today’s instagram post of the above image.  Just click on the image to check it out.






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