Nature Crafts for Toddlers – Wild Dream Catchers

One of the fun adventures in parenting is that you learn to share your passions in unique ways with the kids.

Two of my passions are crafts and nature, – especially forest play and gathering things in the forest. It’s how I grew up and it is still the most grounding activity. There’s a reason the Japanese have a term that translates to “forest bathing.”

It is so natural for children to find and gather little treasures in the woods, isn’t it? Wildflowers, a fallen feather or a soft lump of moss.

So today I wanted to share a lovely craft with you – nature dreamcatchers.

For this craft you only need a few items.

-sticks (I love to gather driftwood in the mountains or on beaches)

-twine or waxy string (sinew style is great)

– a glue gun, or if you have the time to wait for materials to dry, E6000 glue is much stronger. You can see in the image below that I pre-glued the dream catcher frame (in the left I added moss)The fun part for the kids is gathering things they’d like to put on their dreamcatcher. My toddlers instantly went to the old man’s beard, pine needles and pinecones on the forest floor. Depending on the age of the children, you (or they) can take the twin e, (sinew or string work too) and tie it into the frame. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Wrap the frame however you like. Add in knots, and lines wherever you like. your children will return with a lovely variety of forest floor finds which you can then tie, glue or weave into your dreamcatcher, as we did above! These are my little guys enjoying our day out in the mountains, of course craft time was mixed with exploring and free play time! (this is Alder Trail and Bragg Creek Provincial Park Day Use Area.)

My kids and I usually hang our creations in the forest as a sort of offering and “thank you” to nature – and it is fun for others to discover them.

(Let me tell you, offerings to nature is something you do when you grow up around white witches in England lol.)

Below is a recent wild dream catcher I made with a sweet little cluster of children under 6! They each picked a wildflower. You can see the beauty in imperfection and the various strings, tied in very random ways, allowed them to weave their flowers in, by poking the stems into holes made by the strings.

This is a brilliant activity for your kids to do camping, too! You can see below that they even inserted extra sticks. The creativity of children just awes me every day.

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