I Learnt to Read Tarot Cards with the Prisma Vision Tarot Deck.

Over the last two years I have been gradually learning how to read tarot cards, after my brother bought me the beautiful Prisma Visions Tarot Deck.

In all honesty, I just loved the art on this deck, thought it would be a fun party trick, and am fascinated by these things. but it has become a pretty powerful tool for myself and others.

I’ve been doing tarot readings in Calgary and also through my Etsy store for a bit now and when I trusted myself to read the cards for others, to be frank, the results gave me goosebumps. I realized there really was something powerful behind this.

So here I am coming out of the spiritualist closet and I thought I’d share some insights on how I learnt to read tarot cards with the prisma visions tarot deck.

When I started pulling tarot cards to read (after a quick grounding practice ) I originally planned to follow card layouts in grids, you can find examples all over the web. Past, present, future, or different layouts depending on what domains of life you want guidance on.

But…I noticed that as I shuffled decks and moved cards in my hands particular ones would push out of the deck on their own, or in some cases, rather dramatically fall out. So, I pull tarot cards this way. It seems right intuitively and that’s what reading tarot is all about. Picking up on intuition. This is what makes a good Tarot Card Reader.

I decided to start reading those ones instead because something as obvious as that screams “Hello! Please read me! ” (Most readings are for clients out of town, so I pull cards at home then write a story of the reading in a pdf and email it to my customers)

Following my own hunches rather than following pre-existing layouts has had some mind-boggling results for people and some crazy powerful readings. So here I am encouraging you to just start playing with them and don’t concern yourself with elaborate tarot card layouts or tarot deck grids. I don’t even use crystal grids. I use one lovely powerful quartz crystal beside me.

It’s a nice analogy for the larger topic at hand:

Spiritual Development for Moms

When we embark on paths of spiritual development, we find ourselves searching for the proper way to do it, studying others’ ways of doing it, googing for spiritual development tips – but the truth is, there is no right way. Only YOUR way. This is how to develop psychic powers at its purest.

With Tarot Cards, over time and repeatedly looking at cards you will come to understand the themes and general messages of each card’s imagery, but you also develop a deeper sense of meaning and feel the pull of a story attached to that card.

It takes courage to share with someone what your hunch is, and when you share it (bravely) – don’t worry if you are wrong, you’ll be so surprised how well your intuition resonates with your client.

We are all walking around with hunches, intuition and insight. We’re just afraid to share it with the outer world or act on it, because in our scientific, rational world, we’ve taught that energy does not hold as much currency as physical evidence. That’s all. We forget that in other cultures, and other times, it was the opposite way around.

Spiritual development is a topic that fascinates me because it’s still very hush-hush. I myself come from a family with a line of female mediums / psychics / white witches and I can assure you it was never openly talked about despite obvious talents – and many things that happened that defied scientific explanation.

How Do You Become Psychic

We. All. Have. It. We lose it as we move through childhood. Some have it nurtured by their families, some don’t.

When I started seeing auras and lucid dreaming, I found everyone was pretty weird about it. Even the family I knew for a fact had this talent.

So I turned to google and thank goodness 😂 because that’s where all of the spiritual types go lol.

I hope spiritual development will be a topic that one day is a fairly open and well-known topic but until then, if you are on the journey of deeper intuition and development, know there’s little clusters of us. There’s no coincidences and you’ll be connected with the right people who help you continue to evolve.

There’s no schedule or right way to do it, or even predictability. Only an open attitude and open senses. You’ll find that books will choose you, you’ll meet people, experience random occurrences or maybe some profound stuff. Try asking for help, or a sign, or guidance, and then put your senses on alert. Nature. The weather. Songs on the radio. Funny coincidences. They will come along the pipeline to you until you no longer doubt there’s something bigger working behind the scenes to bring you coincedences and synchronicity.

I hope to write a few more articles on spiritual development so if you enjoyed this, leave a comment. Would love to hear from others on the same path xo


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