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What Bra Should I buy for Breast Reduction Surgery? Recommended Post Surgical Bras.

I typically get asked, what Bra should I buy for breast reduction surgery? What bras did you buy for breast reduction surgery recovery?

I’ve had quite a few messages on instagram also asking for an update on how recovery from my breast reduction surgery has gone in July – so here’s my first post, on bra recommendations!

I can definitely say recovery has gone very well! This past Saturday I was able to run 15 km down a mountain as part of a team for the Lewiston Ultra Trail Race in British Columbia. I wore a backpack that had straps across my chest, and a Lululemon running bra, and I didn’t have any soreness.  I feel fully healed at this point.

So let’s jump straight into the bra recommendations, I had two for post surgery that I spent money on (definitely not as much as my old, engineered bras from Addition Elle to contain my massive boobs, but there is a range of price points for post-surgical bras so I wanted to show you this and what I would have done with the power of hindsight.)

I got two bras:

1.) Clear Point Medical Bra $32.00. This is a general post-surgical bra with a front closure from ClearPoint Medical from my surgeon’s office (the classic comfort bra) that fit C Cups with a 42 band size.  I went into surgery about a 40 DDD/E and came out a C36.  $32 online.  Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.09.37 PM.png

The 42 band (bigger than what I am) was useful because I wound up putting gauze in underneath my breasts on the incisions, so you want something a little larger in band size.

The key is to have a bra with no underwire and a front closure  and the same cup size or down depending on how far you go down (to be determined with your surgeon, just ask them what cup size bra you should buy) – you’ll be swollen *and* you don’t want a tight or compressive bra.

You won’t be able to pull a bra over your head or use a rear-fasten bra the first 3 or so weeks.  It is cheaper to buy white or skin tone bras but I preferred black because then I didn’t have to deal with getting all sorts of stains off (and I could use it.  My Clear Point Medical one I wound up throwing out.)

2.) The other bra was a Glamorise Comfort Front Open Underwire free Leisure Bra which are pricey, at $40 and NOT available on Amazon prime, so shipping.  $$$.  I was all stressed about surgery and having a good bra so I paid.  Whoops.

Honestly you really don’t have to pay much for that post-surgical bra, which is why I added a third recommendation below.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 12.18.12 PM.png


All you need is a comfortable, basic bra with a front opening.  With that knowledge in hindsight, I would have gotten one of these below in black!

3.) Carole Martin Women’s Wire-Free Full Freedom Cotton Bra $15

The best price / good review combo though, are the Carole Martin front closure cotton ones  available on Amazon for $15 (below)

Recommended Bras after breast reduction surgery


Once your boobs have recovered, the swelling is down and you are feeling good and ready for a rear closure bra, have fun! I cannot tell you how liberating it is to shop for bralettes, and pay less than $15 for a good bra.

Honestly I was used to having to pay $70+ for bras that could handle (and contain) my huge boobs before surgery.

I am enjoying the underwire-free life as well, that’s a huge benefit of reduction surgery, because your breasts are lifted along with reduced.   🙂

Good luck!  I don’t speak for all breast reduction surgery patients, only my own unique experience, but I thought by adding my voice and experience to the interwebs would be helpful to the larger dialogue.  This is (not) medical advice, so please consult with your surgeon / specialist, especially on sizing for a post-surgical bra!

Good luck, it is one of the best things you’ll ever do for yourself.  The results are amazing! xo


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