Life Coaches Use This Powerful Technique in their Own Lifestyle Design (and you can too)

Most people think of their future goals or lifestyle as this thing in the future that is coming as long as they work at it.

in coaching we really focus on an extra piece: you walking, thinking, talking and acting the way that the future version of you will.

In my climb out of depression, I know I can’t rely on forcing or willpowering myself to go out of the house, because in depression your feelings become like a thick fog in muted greys.

However I DO know (journalling and visualizing got me there) exactly what I want the future me to be like and what that future lifestyle is, how the future me feels. You need that for this crucially important strategy of deciding, what part of this future life CAN I live or talk like, right now.

Does that make sense?

I have an image in my mind of writing, a flexible schedule, active outdoorsy lifestyle. So what do I do now? I sneak off to cafes to write in my journal to be in that future life. It’s not often but I dress up glam some days as I want to in my future life and really take a moment to appreciate, and let that steep in my mind.

I call this technique “trying your future life on for size.” – and if you are not clear on what you want in 2019 yet, try little activities on for size. Successful people often do this in the form of mini challenges, projects, or goals. Some you won’t like, others you will discover something new about yourself you never knew. This past year I ran an online konmari method group challenge among my friends where we got rid of 1 item day 1, 2 items day 2 and so forth. I discovered (and I never knew) that though I hate cleaning, I LOVE organizing.

What piece of your future life will you try on (and love) – you need to mix it up and challenge yourself or you’ll never know. Look at this tree. That was a seed that was planted. What seeds are you planting now? 🌱


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