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I Want to Manage My Time Better in 2019

With the arrival of a fresh new year, one thing is on all of our minds.

How do I make the most of my time, intentions and priorities this year?


Hilarious, but let’s get back on track with time management!

I don’t know about you but December was insane and by the end of the month I was so, so over the rush. It doesn’t feel good for anyone. What did December feel like for you?

I had a lingering sense of overwhelm, texts coming in from friends asking why I hadn’t responded yet, the feeling of panic that I was missing something on the calendar, and catching myself rushing the kids into the car? NO!  This is not me!  I could feel it slipping in October and November, so I’m not going to blame the season.  Christmas is in fact, my favourite month.

I don’t think anyone should operate this way because this causes disease and major adrenal and cortisol problems in our bodies. Plus, to be honest, we’re assholes when we’re stressed out and rushed.

We all have different baselines and the key is knowing what is normal and comfortable for you, and where you start getting stressed.

How to know if you have bad time management or poor priority management:

1.) Ask people to help you become more aware of moments when you are in an elevated / stressed / intense energy. You’ll get better at catching yourself, but you need to develop these observational skills.

2.) Commit to taking note of yourself on a bad day attitude wise and how time management played into that day.

3.) The days where you forget little things or frustrate yourself with dropped balls are really good indicators that something is going wrong in your priority management.

4.) Poor attitude and low emotions are an indicator that your days are not fulfilling your core values and needs. Why? You haven’t structured your day / or week / or month to protect space for them. Take ownership.

Full disclosure on point number 3. Poor time management and poor priority management for me is when I am forgetting little but very important things. Health. Going to my weight watchers meeting. Logistics. Like air in my tires, or that form I needed to get in three days ago. Or the person I deeply value that needed to call back. I hit rock bottom in October when I ran out of gas on my way home from work for the first time in my 36 years on this planet *and* had forgotten my wallet that day because I was too rushed to grab it. Stress cuts deep when it hits on our core vales.

You can change your time management today.

The thing is, we begin to slip up, then we course correct and get back on top of things, and then another busy time arrives and we fall into old habits.

And when that happens? We just need to get back on track and hone our time management skills again.

If they’ve really slipped, then you can get some help with time management right here with my time management series. It will immerse you back into great time management which in turn, feels like great stress management and definitely improved priority management.

It’s free. I’m not going to hustle you.

We should have been taught this shit in university.

Time Management Secrets of Life Coaches

If you are asking, but what about me? I’m on mat leave and operating with a much wider open schedule? That’s okay my friend, because for you this series will support you in priority management and making the time that you get to spend this year. Your leave is a time that is meaningful and purposeful, and most importantly, cherished in your memory if you do it right. Make the most of your maternity leave or parental leave, ok? I want you to enjoy your maternity leave. No frantic mother chicken with chicks zooming around.

Free Life Coaching and Free Time Management Coaching:

Be sure to follow on Instagram where I’ll be adding live coaching on my Instagram Stories. Every day I’m posting free life coaching and the GML instagram community is a fantastic one. It is parents who are dedicated to self growth and personal development. We don’t talk parenting techniques or tips. We don’t judge. We talk self-improvement and growth.

And Episode 002 of the Great Parental Leave Podcast? Welll, it’s a Podcast on Time Management. I talk about running out of gas, hitting the rock bottom of overwhelm and realizing I wasn’t using the tools I knew I needed to. We are all in a constant practice.

You can listen to it live from your browser (no download needed, it will open in a new window here.)

By following along and practicing the time management tools I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks, you will feel:

-Less overwhelmed and resentful of life

-Less frantic & anxious

-NOT like you are forgetting something important, all of the time.

-Less foggy headed / spaced out

-Forget fewer important meetings, deadlines, to-dos

-Feel like your time is YOUR OWN

-Carve back some time for you.

My guess is you have someone like this in your life and you envy them. Well, let’s spill all of their secrets, because I know these people and work with them and have access to their deepest thoughts!

Ready? I’m ready. Stay tuned and if you haven’t had a chance yet, subscribe. One of my own priorities in 2019 is being able to share some life coaching and free resources exclusive to my email subscribers.

BUT, and this is a big BUT – Most of my free life coaching is on Instagram.

You will get some really helpful emails, but if you want to change and reform habits, you must practice daily. Plus, I hate clogging up people’s inboxes. On instagram you can choose whether to engage that day. Don’t let social media use you. You use it. Never forget that.

Let’s get you back in control of your time. It’s yours to give away as you please. Stop being so freaking generous 🙂




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