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How to Be Happier: Use Your Reticular Activating System

This post today is about how to be more happy. And today, I’m going to teach you to use the reticular activating system. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? It is a very important, primal part of the brain that you can harness to look for the beauty and the positivity in everyday life.

As many of you know from The Great Maternity Leave on Instagram, I love offering free life coaching videos and I really like nature immersion coaching. Today I’m going to drop a video into this blog article so that you can switch it up. 🙂 I recorded this a few months ago out in nature, live, to show how you can harness your reticular activating system any time, any where. Enjoy xo

Enjoy these videos? Please pin the image & share with a fellow parent who loves nature & personal development! Let’s elevate lives and happiness together. It’s the greatest gift we can give each other.

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