The Universe Has Your Back

Good morning my lovelies! I wanted to pop by the blog today and talk about how the Universe has your back – confession, I’m a bit of a spiritual mom. I posted a series of images on the Great Maternity Leave Instagram account today about this.

Your destiny is unfolding, but there is two sides to this scale. One is up to you, one is up to the universe.

Psychic development and how to access intuition is a topic I’ve been fascinated in for YEARS – in fact, hidden in this blog is an entire category of “spirituality” I encourage you to explore. I don’t follow any religion, I just believe in Universal laws and grew up in a family of psychics to boot!

I truly want to tell you that the universe has your back. I’m going to use an example from my January to land this lesson in today’s post.

I want you to think of a set of scales, because there’s two sides to our scales of destiny (how our life is unfolding.)

You are responsible for how your life unfolds.

The first side of the scales YOU are responsible for. On that side is hard work, persistence, personal growth, self development, goal setting and intention. These are the parts as a human you are responsible for.

You must take extreme ownership for the life you have and the life you are creating.

The universe responds in kind to this particular wavelength. The universe works with people who are learning, growing, evolving, loving, engaged. It’s a good energy. A good wavelength.

You probably know these type of people and the vibe they emit. When you meet them, you know it. You can feel the energy coming off of them. They feel like sunshine. That right there is proof that there is something going on beyond our current scientfic knowedge. You want to be around them, you feel uplifted and positive. You feel inspired. You come away riding their vibes. You are in resonance with them.

You can set this energy in yourself. When you are showing up each day and living true to your core values, and being courageous by pursuing purposeful things with love and kindness, if you genuinely are working to evolve and do good in this lifetime, you are operating in this wavelength.

The universe has your back when you are in this particular energy or wavelength. It will take care of things in the bigger context of how your life is unfolding and how all of the pieces are coming together.

The universe works with you.

The universe sends you hints and little reassurances.

How to access intuition (which is essentially connecting with the universe and feeling reassured?)

This is how to develop your intuition:

When odd coincedences, uncanny events, people, opportunities or events come into your life, make note. Don’t just smile to yourself. Do some work here.

I want you to take a moment to truly think it, and how it connects to the bigger pieces of how your life is unfolding, and your deepest desires / sense of purpose.

I’m going to give you an example.

Disconnected, Ego-Based Carina (the shallow mind): I could get caught up in the fact I am immobile for 3 weeks with a foot surgery. The ego wants me to think about pain, isolation, inconvenience, hassle, etc etc. Just another obstacle, another surgery, woe is me, bla bla bla.

Connected, Intution-based Carina (the deeper soul): I’ve trained myself to pick up on the universe sending hints, and help, and reassurances. While I was preparing for surgery, I discovered Amy Portferfield and I signed up for Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy, after feeling literally a little spark of intuition and thinking that it was strange that I just discovered her. As I dug into her podcast, material, etc. there was some kind of fire happening inside. I was lit right up.

Okay, so we have foot surgery + the opportunity for the exact time I am recovering from surgery and immobile, to take the ideal course from someone I totally resonate with from my laptop.

Hmmm. Intuitive tingles? Yes. I feel that tingle, I run with it. It’s never served me wrong.

3 weeks before all of this: I had set the intention in the new year to finally share my knowledge through teaching. I wasn’t sure how it would come about but I knew in my gut that this is what I need to do in 2019.

This is exactly what I want you to do, too. Sit down and ponder things. Connect the dots.

As soon as I reflected on things, this I realized that the course, the foot surgery, everything is like puzzle pieces setting into place.

I don’t know the bigger picture that the puzzle will form yet, but I do know these pieces just slotted perfectly together. I want you to get good at seeing the puzzle pieces, and very good at hearing when they ‘click.’

Trust the universe. The universe has your back. It’s bringing puzzle pieces in for a larger picture . Some of the puzzle pieces might be from separate parts of the picture still, but some will be connecting right now.

Your turn to do some work, now:

Take a moment to write these questions down.

What intentions did you set for 2019?

What desires are hiding in the deepest layers of you that you haven’t shared with anyone yet?

What coincedences, people, and events have already come your way in the last three weeks?

Can you connect these coincedences to any of the secret desires or wishes you currently have?

How are they a reassurance or hint to you that things are on track?

Take a moment to write these questions down.

Start scanning. Start noticing. Start being aware of all of the little events in your life.

This is how to develop intuition.

The universe has your back. Everything is unfolding as it should.



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