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Writing a Blog for Your Business – How to use Keywords. Keywords, competition and search volume explained.

Keyword strategies for your blog.

This is part of my building an online business series of blog posts for all of you who are thinking about building a side hustle on maternity leave, side income or alternative income source. I love supporting mompreneurs who are bold, courageous and know they can do work on their own terms!

Today’s chat is about keyword searches, because you want your ideal client to find you! 🙂 I know you’ve asked how do I get found with keyword searches.

If you have a mompreneur blog, then you should download the keywords everywhere plugin! 

Keywords Everywhere is free plugin for Chrome and Firefox. Every time you search a keyword in google, it will show the volume, competition and price per click for searches related to that keyword.

The tutorial video is great and very easy to understand.

Now, here’s the thing:

You want to follow the herd (the big search volume keywords) but be one of the outliers (the ones with slightly less competition) The herd is the big keywords that have lots of search volume, lots of competition and advertisers paying good money to advertise in that space.

I think what a lot of advertisers don’t know is that we mamas (or at least I know I do) tend to google questions (why is my baby not sleeping at 4 months?) so definitely title your blogs and use some keywords that would appeal to the mama looking for h-e-l-p or knowledge.

So instead of writing a generic “Calgary birth doula” article for example, add in articles solving commonly googled questions.

I’d be looking at

“how much do doulas make in alberta” “where to get doula training” “placenta encapsulation calgary” “placenta encapsulation near me”

-Hope that makes sense!

You’ll get lost in the herd with the big generic keywords in your blog title and blog. Think about a way you can still run with the herd but focus on getting a bit more specific (by adding extra words, which are known as long tails.)

If you are building a new website from scratch, it’s better to get established in some lesser searched keywords so that you become an authority, and go from there.

Don’t forget to diversify your keyword strategy. Use some other platforms (not all, just one or two) and do them really, really well.

So, for example here’s a search I did for mompreneur success stories:

You can see that LOTS of people are searching for mompreneurs, less so for mompreneur success stories. BUT what’s interesting is that advertisers are paying a lot of money to be in that space (and there’s more competition.)

I hope this first mompreneur blog gave helped you with understanding keywords, competition, volume and cpc.

If you’d like more strategic business advice and coaching, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at for daily Instagram strategy, business coaching and inspiration.

Mompreneur quote

And remember this mompreneur quote!

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