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The Great Maternity Leave Podcast – How I Lost 50lb After Baby 3.

Welcome to Episode 007 of the Great Maternity Leave Podcast. Today I share the diet, activity and most importantly, mindset for weight loss success.

I hope you take time to listen to this Great Maternity Leave podcast episode, and you can certainly subscribe through I-Tunes (I have some awesome topics coming out which are 100% by request. I take topics through my Instagram community of like-minded parents over at The Great Maternity Leave. I offer free life coaching on Instagram and daily motivational videos on Instagram Stories. So if you are not there already, do join! πŸ™‚

I’m not going to spoil all of the fun but here are the main takeaways from Epsiode Number 007.


Losing Weight After Baby 3 Took Time.

I lost weight by walking.

This is one of the most important pieces of the podcast episode I want you to take away. It took a year to lose 50 lb. This was a sustainable way to do it that allowed me to keep my lifestyle and slowly tweak things little by little. I had weeks of gain, and I had weeks of loss. That’s important to note, too!

After delivery I wasn’t ready to hit HIIT like I did with baby 1, when I went back to Crossfit within 6 weeks of giving birth! With baby number three I had multiple pelvic organ prolapse and had some work to do with pelvic floor physiotherapy and the pelvic floor clinic. I had a pessary fitted, attended clinical pilates and hypopressive classes in Calgary before I went back to the gym. I also discovered that walking is one of the most underrated activities. When you’re an active type you are guilty of discounting walking, I know I was.

While I was fixing my pelvic organ prolapse and trying to get used to wearing a pessary, I decided to just stick to walking and honest to goodness it became my favourite thing in the world. I’d plug my earphones in along with one of my favourite podcasts in the world, Lewis Howes School of Greatness Podcast and just be completely inspired and elevated (and out in nature doing something good for me.)

I had success with Weightwatchers

I first did weight watchers in 2007 when I was a University student and successfully lost 40 lb. After each baby I did it again, getting very close to my goal weight but never quite, lol. Especially after baby #2, when I highly expected we were going to have a third baby and I was like, meh, there’s no point in losing the weight if I’ll just get pregnant again. Don’t get me wrong, I OWNED it. I knew if I wasn’t going to lose the weight between 2 and 3, I’d have a bigger weight loss project facing me on Maternity leave #3.

And you know what? That’s okay. I enjoyed the cinnamon buns, generally enjooyed myself very well in the food department and was not restrictive at all on pregnancy #3 and took ownership for my weight loss. I do not regret the rice krispie square I had every afternoon. Not one regret.

I did the Weightwatchers Freestyle program and it was AWESOME. I was a slow loser, as I’ve always been but this time I really focused on not comparing myself to others. I attended the weekly workshops and though I didn’t have anyone of my demographic there, I still found it motivational, helpful and inspiring. No matter our age, background or demographic, we were all in that room working toward healthier food choices, better mindsets and more activity. That transcends anything that divides us. Plus, I had a lot of grandmas to snuggle my little guy each week πŸ˜‰ I like weight watchers. It works for me. But there’s a million and one programs out there. Choose one that you love. I also love eating Whole 30 style and incorporated that into my Weight Watchers journey. The Weight Watchers freestyle program works well with paleo and whole 30 eating styles.

I worked on a weightloss mindset

This time I put way more focus and effort into having the right mindset for weight loss. It’s hard to write it all out here, so I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast because I go into this deeper and explain how to use it yourself. I’ve been trained as a professional life coach and am super aware of the tools and mindset shifts that are important for lasting success. Full disclosure, even though I life coach people every day, I have to use the same tools on myself. You’ll never stop having a craving (though they do reduce over time) and you’ll never be perfect. You’ll constantly cycle through motivation, demotivation, good choices and bad choices. It’s all about not getting stuck, recognizing when you are not doing well, and then correcting course. Every time. And NOT quitting. You know what makes us quit? Our minds.

On The Great Maternity Leave Podcast I share:

-Shifting from food as an emotional buffer to food as fuel

-Updating your why (because it changes with each child)

-Setting weight loss goals in a way THAT WORKS

And a few other things. So click on the link above, or subscribe on your podcast app, and drop by in the comments. We’re all in this journey together! xo

50 pounds lost. Gooooodbye.

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