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What Building an Online Business is Really Like

One of the biggest misconceptions out there about building an online presence (or course, or business) is that it’s pretty easy. What building an online business is really like? HARD.

Building an online presence is WAY more work than people think – which is good for us persistent and dedicated and hardworking types. I hid in my room for 3 hours today icing my foot while grandma watched the kids cranking out what I needed to do.

What I’d say to people “Yeah, I posted on Instagram, worked on my podcasts and wrote some blog posts” SOunds straight forward but this is what it’s REALLY like.

-Post on Instagram (x3 accounts I run, one is my husband’s)
-Write 2 blog posts 
-Research keywords for blog posts
-Create graphics in canva for blog posts and podcast posts
-Pin images from blog posts
-Repost those images on Instagram
-Record x2 30 minute podcast episodes
-Find a new song on for said podcasts (one is for my online course, I just uploaded today! eee!)
-Can’t remember how to tag for I-Tunes, rewatch two modules from Power up Podcasting 🙂
-Get podcasts uploaded
-Add podcast episodes to blog with short writeup
-Research keywords again (whoever recommended Keywords Everywhere you are AWESOME) 
-Spend like an hour in Digital Course Academy and B-School Facebook groups to get some social interaction and inspiration for the day lol

PHEW. It’s hard work you guys! But if it was easy everyone would do it! Hang in there and KNOW we are all in this together and I know that entire back end of crazy ass learning and googling and nitpicky stuff you have to do just tog et content out there. We’ve got this!

If you are a mama building an online presence or business HANG IN THERE. Outwork people.

Not many people do this, and of those people, many will drop off because of lack of persistence, focus and dedication. Be one of the few dedicated souls that continue on and grow! 🙂

I had to share this image because tell me this is not just my experience lol…

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