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The Great Maternity Leave Podcast 008 – Building a Massive Instagram Following and The Pursuit of True Health with Lucy Dunne of Dunnebells.

Oh my goodness, Episode 008 of the Great Maternity Leave Podcast is a gooder! Lucy of Dunnebells joins us for a wide ranging conversation on health, relationships with food and her online fitness training business, which has a massive following and platform on Instagram. We talk the growth of her movement and account as well, for those of you who are interested in online business strategy.

Every single day there are things where you can say, wow, I learned from that, I grew from that.

Lucy dunne from

I was pretty excited and very nervous for this one, lol. I was definitely fangirling since I’ve really been enjoying her content and no bullsh*t approach to a fitness and nutrition space that…well… to be honest, every second sponsored post is telling me to get a bikini body.

I’m way, way more interested these days in getting legs strong enough to chase my children and probably a 1RM of my clean and jerk around 80lb so I can get my toddlers in the car, ok?

So let’s get to Lucy:

Lucy’s Background:

-Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer with a no bullsh*t approach

-Believes in being real about the journey and shares her experience with disordered eating and relationships with food

-Making mistakes on her own weightloss journey of 65 lb

-Growing a massive Instagram following by just being herself

-Establishing your online brand and presence

-How to avoid comparing yourself and getting lost in social

Okay, since I’m a new podcaster, I do have to let you know I had technical glitches to start, so you’ll hear us using the good ol laptop microphones (which actually aren’t too bad these days!) But that’s the fun of it. I’m learning how to podcast and I get to take you along with me on these first few episodes. I REALLY appreciate ratings as it helps other mamas find this podcast, so please feel free to do so on I-Tunes. Just rate me on the content not my technical prowess okay? haha.

Here is just a sampling of what we cover in Episode 009:

-The difference when you start searching for the answers to your health INSIDE of yourself instead of OUTSIDE where there’s a lot of fluff.

-The truth about optimal nutrition and fitness in a noisy industry.

-Working through an eating disorder and the psychological impacts of highly restricted and binge eating.

-Establishing your personal brand, keeping your head down and not getting lost in comparing yourself to others on social (or in life.)

-Growing a massive instagram following and creating a successful business on IG

And SO much more. Have a listen right below (and subscribe on I-Tunes or your Podcast app if you fancy – there’s another GREAT episode coming your way next week.)

If you are in any way shape or form building an instagram following or establishing your presence online, Lucy has SO SO much advice to give and wisdom to share, on growing an Instagram following in an authentic way, so make sure you are ready to take notes.

Lucy knows her sh*t and she is so real, so authentic and so genuine in her desire to cut through all of the crap in the fitness and nutrition space on Instagram! You’ll be so glad you met her. I sure am.

Listen on I-Tunes Here

Listen directly here

Final note, Lucy has been very generous in sharing a link for listeners of this episode to enter to win her 8 week training program which, if you take a look at her Instagram is damn effective. You can enter to win Lucy’s 8 week online personal fitness training program right here:

Great Maternity Leave Podcast with Lucy Dunne of Dunnebells

For those of you who haven’t heard this episode on how to break out of procrastination, achieve your goals and prevent inertia, you can open the episode in a new window as an MP3 by clicking right here.


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