About Me

I arrived here in new parenthood via a very, very unexpected route.
In 2012 I was happily mid-career as an academic development specialist and professional coach, and was enjoying life as a newly wed, nesting in our condo in Calgary, and travelling the world.  Things shifted rapidly when I returned from backpacking around Thailand in 2012.  I was thrown into the first of two important roles; cancer caregiver for my mum dying of cancer.  In 2013, I took on another important role: Mother-to-be of a sweet little girl, my first of three.
As I tried to wrap my head around what lay ahead of me in 2012, I had many talks with special people in the hospice – those ending their lives, those continuing their lives and a few special little souls who were early in their lives (and bought sparkles of joy to the quiet, sacred hallways of hospice.)
As one door to my heart was closing, another one was opening, In 2013, when I facetimed my Mum from ultrasound so she could name my daughter, I decided right then and there, that I would seize life make motherhood an amazing journey, starting with a “Great Maternity Leave” bucket list.
But… it was more than checking off a bucketlist that first year.
I had no idea that over the next 5 years, I was going to be cracked wide open – my heart, my soul, my body, my thinking –  my very way of seeing and processing the world was going to be completely turned on its axis.
As I adjusted to motherhood, I embarked on a deep journey of growth which in turn led to the incredible elevation of my life, my identity, and accelerated me down the path to deep peace and fulfillment.
I was inspired to start this blog because as I undertook adventures on mat leave, babies in my arms, strollers, carriers you name it… I realized that it was about so much more than proving society wrong with a bucket list.
I came into mat leave determined to fight the fear, anxiety, and negativity that is so predominant in society’s conversations and parenthood.  In fact, it’s so dominant that I didn’t want children. It sounded, well, to be honest, shitty.  Thank goodness the universe had other plans for me, because now, in the thick of life with three small children, I can tell you it does NOT have to be like that.  You don’t have to be fearful, anxious, lost, disconnected from your own identity.  None of that!  You have a choice. 
In my writing I tell personal stories, yes, but also weave in the tools that I use with my coaching clients as a professional life coach.  I hope these land with you and in turn, inspire you and give you the ability to make this an extraordinary time in your life, rich with growth, peace, happiness and fulfillment as you continue to elevate your life.
I hope my coaching tools and stories as a mother inspire you.
I try to intermingle the two approaches with an open heart and open arms, vulnerability and a lot of authenticity, particularly on my instagram where I share coaching videos and insights.
My deepest desire for you, is that you are able to ignore the noisy outside world, yelling at you and telling you what to do, how to be, and that you embark on your own journey into parenthood with the knowledge that you are about to enjoy an amazing period of personal growth and self-development, and everything you’ve ever needed is already inside of you.  You are the best person for those little souls.
I’m here to help you and inspire you on that side of things.  I’ll be here to guide you with positivity and wisdom, to help you shift the way you see your world. I want you to be excited and enthusiastic and unafraid.  And if you, too are on parental leave?
Well, I  want your parental leave to be the most transformational year ever.  It sure has been for me, all three times (!)
Take this special time to be present with your kids, and in the blissfully quiet moments in between, experience the depths of your own inner world and undertake the journey of deep growth. Your children have arrived as your best teachers.  They are your partners and greatest supporters as you live into who you are becoming, instead of just thinking about it.
I’m here to remind you, that even though you are still you in these foggy days of parenthood, you can indeed elevate every aspect of your life, starting today.
Join me in this journey. I’m so glad you are here