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Error when Itunes Podcast Submitted for Review. Artwork must be 1400 x 1400, RGB Color Space, HTTP Head Requests

On the blog I am going to share some of the processes and reflections I have on setting up a podcast, as I am moving into the podcast space in 2018.  This was my first technical snag that had me spending well over an hour trouble shooting.

I am taking the FANTASTIC Power Up Podcasting Course with Pat Flynn, of whom I have been a fan for several years now.  I highly recommend his course.

When I finished the first episode, got it uploaded to my media host and was ready to submit, I got my first error message on I Tunes. NOOOOO!

“Podcast artwork must be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head requests.”

As below:

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 10.45.44 AM

I went into my file host and changed the thumbnail artwork for my podcast.

I also tried changing it in the original mp3 file.

I tried re-uploading the media file to the host and no dice.

So what is the fix:


It looks like I-Tunes was looking for my general profile picture in Lib Syn (instead of the thumbnail on the mp3 file) and that is the one it was blocking because it is not 1400 x 1400.

I am using Lib Syn, you can see below there is my profile name and the profile picture.  that’s the one you want to change.  Upload your podcast artwork that fits the requirements to there.  Personally, I used to create my podcast artwork which automatically downloads to fit the requirements I Tunes wants.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 12.03.18 PM

Once I did this, I resubmitted my RSS feed for validation and review in I-Tunes et voila, it works!

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 11.42.56 AM.png

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Thriving in Early Parenthood. The Great Parental Leave Podcast is Coming! Sneak Peak.


I believe that you can THRIVE in early parenthood, not just SURVIVE.

Truly.  I am passionate about this.

Back in my 20s, I didn’t want to be a parent.  EVER.  Why?  I found the overwhelming was that being a parent, was about losing your sanity, identity, free time and happiness.  In the media, in the grocery store, everywhere I saw people who were walking and talking this type of parenthood dialogue. I also saw a lot of unhappy parents. Frazzled, unhappy, short tempers and devoid of their own sense of identity.  I saw this happen to my mum who was a single parent at various stages, too.  Especially in my teen years (sorry, Mum!)

I became pregnant, and those voices amplified. Especially the voices from society and media that said, you’re not Carina anymore, you’re a MUM and just that. Even now, I find people calling me “Mum” when my name is Carina and lumping me into “Mummyhood” when all of us parents are so much more than that.  We are multi-faceted and multi-passionate. When I talk about my bucket list (this comes up in the podcast) and the ways in which I am thriving and loving life and continuing to grow personally, well-meaning people seem genuinely surprised that I am able to do this with 3 kids.

I decided to start this blog and now a podcast because I passionately believe that as a parent, you can continue on the path of rich personal growth and self-development. If anything, it is the best time.  Our children have arrived as the most amazing mirrors and teachers and we are all embarking on an accelerated growth path.  There is never a better time to do some personal development.

On the podcast I will be bringing some amazing guests to help you grow and evolve as a human being.  This is *NOT* a parenting podcast.  It is a personal growth podcast in the context of early parenthood, and it is designed to get you moving forward toward the lifestyle and future you want.  If anything, children helps us gain crystal clear vision on our values, opportunities for growth and the life we want to design.  Now, it’s time to take action.

Here is a sneak peek of the first episode.  I’ll continue to refine it technically (sound quality etc.) as we go along, bear with me, I’m still learning… but in the spirit of getting sh*t done, I present to you the first Great Parental Leave Podcast Episode, where I tell a fascinating story behind the blog and podcast.

In this podcast I talk about:

-What conversations with the dying in a hospice taught me

-Why well-meaning parenting advice made me not want to have kids

-How I turned my maternity leave around from surviving to thriving

-How a simple bucket list changed my life


Have a listen, and leave me a comment.


What would you like to hear about on this podcast?  Who would you like me to bring on as a guest? THIS IS FOR YOU!  A sacred space where each week, you can listen to incredible guests and receive tools that will forever shift and improve your life.  Podcasts have profoundly changed my life and elevated my maternity leaves.  I hope this will serve you in the same way.