Change Your Life with Coaching


What Does Coaching Give You That Makes it Worth the Investment? 

There are two parts to parenthood:

1.)  THE EASY PART.  Learning, researching, and designing what you want to do with your leave and your life.  Every person has different goals.

My first maternity leave was about slowing down, embracing the natural rhythms of life and falling in love with my baby.

My second maternity leave was about building the foundations of a business and stepping into my own power + voice.

My third maternity leave was about healing my body and gaining clarity in my purpose.


2.) THE HARDER PART: We hit little bumps in the road.   The bumps can include:

Actually doing what we know we want and need to do. And all the other stuff that comes with early parenthood:  Guilt, lagging willpower & motivation, feeling overwhelmed, our persistence, anxiety, moods / emotions, sleep deprivation and fatigue, wavering engagement and enthusiasm, confusion, lack of accountability, feeling isolated, spiritual growth, different priorities, pressure from society now that you are a parent, the other “voices” that tell you what you should be doing, goal setting and our ability to stick out goals.

As a coach I help you finally cross the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.  With me, you have the deep conversations and do the deep work that you don’t get to do with even your closest friends, I hold you accountable and offer you insights and distinctions into your own inner world that you were previously unaware of.    

Together, we work through the bumps that come up, and accelerate you toward your goals.

I specialize in getting you from saying you want to do to actually living it.

What is my coaching style?

I use ontological coaching, which allows for profound  and permanent shifts your way of seeing the world.  I am also able to bring into my coaching the MBTI Personality Assessment – The MBTI provides a beautiful overview of your personality, behavioural facets and the way you see / act and interact with the world.  Think of it like a manual on you.

Getting started is simple.

I’d like you to experience a free coaching session.  Simply contact me. xo