THE GML Project

My mission is to disrupt parental leave and make it the most profound time of personal development you’ll ever experience.

I believe that we are cracked wide open when we become new parents, and that we embark upon the most incredible path of growth in our life yet.

I don’t buy into the fear, desperation, resignation and stories of struggle that dominate most conversations around parenthood today. In fact, I disagree with them.  I especially disagree with the idea that your own life and identity slows down in parenthood. It most definitely does not, (if you don’t want it to.)

If anything, it accelerates and deepens. I started the GML blog as I embarked on a bucket list on my first mat leave that was designed to prove all of my fears wrong.  It evolved into a combination of story-telling and coaching tools that have benefitted parents around the world.

As they say, be the change you want to see.

I believe that:

In early parenthood, we accelerate toward greater clarity, purpose and depth in our lives, and in the process, deeper happiness.  

My mission is to help guide new parents toward deeper happiness, self growth and success in all conceptions of the word.  I take my tools as a professional life coach and apply them to YOU and YOUR life.  And hey, as a mother of three, I’m on this journey with you.

I share these tools through several mediums:

The Great Maternity Leave Blog

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Coaching Videos on my Youtube Channel 

The Great Parental Leave Podcast *Coming SOON!

And for coaching clients,

My Private Great Parental Leave private Facebook Group.