The Projects

I have been blessed with two Canadian maternity leaves (1 year off)

During those two maternity leaves I have been able to accomplish a number of really exciting bucket-list items.  As I went along, I wrote about them.  Here, is the unedited, unorganized list, which basically looks exactly like it does in the journal I carry around with me every day.  Peruse and choose the one which tickles your fancy.

I hope this inspires you to start your own Great Maternity Leave bucket list & get yourself experiencing some adventures, some challenges, and some extraordinary moments in otherwise ordinary days.

Join a family nature club / nature school

Celebrate Mothers’ Day on Your Own

Poke Fun at Your Life (With Memes)

Protect and Defend your Self-Care and “You Time”

Try out Minimalism

Go for a Massage

Workout in a Playground

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Make a Music Playlist

Download Apps that Will Help You Organize Your Life

Build an Online Business

Study Productive Moms

Increase Financial Intelligence

Communicate Better with Your Partner

Read a Wayne Dyer Book

Go Do Some Counselling

Become Aware of Your Story

Watch a Sunset

Watch 30 TED Talks in 30 Days

Take Vitamins Every Day (And Other Productivity Hacks)

Create a Gratitude Journal on Instagram

Workout Alone

Ask: What Would My Husband Do?

Go to a Meditation Workshop

Travel Internationally with my Baby

Connect with Nature

Get Over the Lack of Sleep