The Projects

In 2013 I bought a beautiful journal made by my favourite stationery company, paperblanks.

I went out and bought a beautiful pen to write with, and sat down in a coffee shop.  I let the ink flow across the page and wrote up a maternity leave bucket list.  From small tasks that were mundane, daily “to-dos” to ridiculous big goals that made me question my sanity a little.

Each item needed to do one of the following:

–> Give me goosebumps

–> Give me tingles of excitment

–> Make me laugh

–> Scare me a little


When my daughter arrived, I continued adding to it.

2 years later, with the arrival of my second born, it continues.  Each journal I buy is beautiful and the experience of creating the list in itself is a pleasure.  The list grows…

along with my happiness. 

You will see all of the projects along the left side of my home page at The Great Maternity Leave.  I have organized them by general topic so that you may peruse the ones that catch your fancy.

These worked for me.  Some you may love, some you may think “wtf?”   – I put them all down here in the hopes that in a cluster of river rocks, you may find a gemstone.

I want to inspire you to create your own list – or perhaps even try one from this list.  Or even better, maybe one of these blog posts will shift your perception on something, which leads to different actions, and different possibilities opening up in your life.

It’s all good. All of the above.

It’s also totally cool if it’s not your cup of tea.  In which case, I’d suggest finding some blogs where your time will be well invested – because as a mama your “you” time is so precious. Seriously.

Remember on maternity leave, when a thousand voices are coming at you from a thousand different directions:  Filter the information you receive.  Your time and attention is limited these days, so be choosy about what makes it into your mind. Be a snob!  Be choosy!  Select and allow in only material, voices, ideas that are beneficial to your growth and applicable to your goals & life.